Monday, August 29, 2011

Links to reviews of Asian books

I've been traveling on business the past two weeks, and have not been able to do much about the blog. Earlier, I promised to post some links to blog reviews about Asian books. Since I did not get any comments here and only a couple by e-mail, I'm just posting the below few links for now:

Sadhus in Katmandu, 1996

Tinylibrary by Sam:
Sam's blog is mostly reviewing fiction, like Shanghai Girls, but there's some non-fiction reviews that may interest you as well. Check out this list. Sam's a charming personality, too.

The Mountain Library is also featured on my sidebar. As you can guess from the title, it focuses on books about mountains and mountaineering. Since the Himalayas is one of my favourite topics in books I read, I just love the reviews they make.

Manoflabook is a popular literary review blog by Zohar. He has reviewed Kissinger's "On China", here. Zohar also has several reviews of books about exploration - always a good thing - and here's a review about a book about Bhutan: Radio Shangri La. Good stuff!

You may want to check out Seeing Red in China to see a reading list on contemporary China and other interesting links + a different view of the country. The author, Tom, has done charity work as a teacher at a rural college among other things, and has a perspective unlike your typical business executive from a WFOE in Suzhou Industrial Park.

That's it for now. I may update the above list at a later date, send links if you have good ones! In the meantime, I still haven't finished Rashid's book. Hope to get something written about Descent into Chaos this week.

EDIT: has a nice description of the Ganden to Samye trek with a good reading list on Tibet (there's a picture from that trek on my "about the blogger" page, if you're interested).

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